2017 Annual Report


The intersection of God's mission & your calling.

Grace Church Annual Report

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Hello friends,

Thank you so very much for your generosity this past year at Grace Church! Your giving and commitment to the mission of Grace has made a lasting and very tangible difference in the fulfillment of the purpose God has given us to make disciples of Jesus Christ and launch them into the mission of God!  In short, people have been saved, the hungry have been fed, and justice is breaking out all around us! Again, thank you and thank God for the legacy that is being unveiled before our eyes of the healing the 6 Broken Places of the world.

As you process your part in this grand story of redemption let me ask you to take a few moments to hear the story behind the concept of the 6 Broken Places which has defined Grace’s approach to the mission of God. Here is an excerpt from Chapter Two of my upcoming book. You can also find audio recordings of Chapters One and Three here. You’ll be one of the few folks I’ve shared this with. I’m excited to see where it goes! As you read it, be encouraged that through you and this church a groaning world is starting to experience healing!

With great appreciation,




Dave Rodriguez

Senior Pastor

Click the buttons below to view Grace's 2017 financial overview, or to hear audio recordings of the first and third chapters of Dave Rodriguez's upcoming book on the Six Broken Places.


A special thank you to Grace's volunteer photography team for the photos in this report, Liz caudle for the watercolor images, and curtis honeycutt for the graphics