At Grace we believe that the brokenness of the world isn’t limited to humanity. The earth itself is damaged. Climate change, deforestation, plastic-filled oceans, and a whole host of other issues are causing the earth to groan. But this is also a great opportunity for God’s people to join Him in healing the broken place of decay.

Through energy use reduction, habitat planting, organic gardening, and other efforts we seek to heal this broken place and to take pleasure in the natural world that God created.
— noah golland, senior director of facilities & sustainability
While visiting the Cuban people with Filter of Hope, we would introduce ourselves as being with the local church and then talk to the people about their drinking water. Invariably, they would tell us that their water made them sick, especially the children and the elderly. The Filter of Hope filter is demonstrably effective and the look of amazement on the faces of the people we visited was a startling reminder of all that I take for granted each time I turn on the tap in my suburban American kitchen.
— jason hill, grace attender