I grew up in a church that drove me away from faith. We recently moved in Indy and I knew I needed a church that preached the loving, redeeming grace of God. I found it at Grace. After joining rooted and getting baptized, I truly felt like it was a “full circle” moment in my life. I recalled how I was once a slave to sin and burdened by guilt, until I received God’s amazing grace and the freedom found only in Jesus.
— Cathy SCHAEFER, Grace attender
It’s been a hard road since my marriage ended in divorce about 15 years ago. I became a man full of anger, bitterness, and wrath. I moved back to Indianapolis late last year, after a 10-year wilderness wandering in California. I was looking for godly connections when I visited Grace Church. After joining a Rooted group, my life changed and it was time to get baptized. It was time to live for God and no longer for myself; for His will and no longer mine. I praise God for how He never stopped fighting for me.
— FEMI AKINOLA, grace attender

My Baptism Rooted story

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“I sat in my Rooted Group on the first week and admitted, I had never been baptized as an adult. Naturally, the next question was why. What is stopping me? Well, it's a long story, but in short, before coming to Grace, I was a workaholic atheist who could never have kids. Then my husband and I found out I was pregnant and everything changed. I now wanted to be a stay-at-home mom, so my husband moved heaven and earth to make ti happen. Then we had more kids and I started to worry. I wanted my kids to have faith and a community...I wanted more for them.

So, we came to Grace. And stayed. And a few years later, I began working here. But, I still wasn't baptized. After my third week of Rooted, I realized what I needed to do. I shared my story with my husband and that's when he said, “I didn’t marry who you were when we met. I married you, no matter who you become. I will follow you anywhere.”

Thanks to the grace of God, the pastors who have walked with me, and Rooted, I was able to take this next step and finally get baptized!” Read more here.