The first time Carrie came to us, she was clearly weary. In the Care Center, she found love, acceptance, and warmth. During her initial visit, she met volunteers who embraced her, programs to help her move forward, and a food pantry to take some pressure off her shoulders. She received prayer, acceptance, and necessities for her family.
— nick pease, director of care center volunteers

Justice through Missions:

“I want to help the Rwandan people and speak for those who are mistreated.” This was the overriding response when we asked 25 Rwandan attorneys practicing in the northwestern province of Musanze why they chose their profession. Armed with a law degree and virtually no resources, these courageous men and women spend their lives representing the disadvantaged and trying to bring peace and reconciliation to a still-healing country.
— mark & julie payne, grace attenders

Justice through equality:

The #metoo movement continues to shape our national conversation. We are overdue on dealing with it from a scriptural point of view. We believe that the stories of the women that are now being told are deserving of a pause to LISTEN, REFLECT, and CHANGE. The abuse of women is an abuse of power and has been going on since the fall of humankind and it was never what God intended.
— amy christie