Over the years, I’ve faced many difficult trials and tribulations. I’ve dealt with many family deaths and horrific illnesses, my own personal divorce (followed by a brutal custody battle). I’ve also suffered through alcohol abuse/addiction, arrests, hitting rock bottom time and time and time again until I felt that there was nothing left and there was nowhere else to go. Because of my unwavering faith in God, a relationship and faith that grew through this church, I for the first time, can see the top!
— Tom Duke, Grace attender
As I dove deeper into the Six Broken Places something began to happen. I began to see my own brokenness and pain as well as my own alienation and isolation from God. Some were a result of the injustices I had experienced because of sexual trauma as a child. What happened next was truly an example of God’s redemptive grace extended to me as He helped me to begin facing an ugly wound that festered throughout my life. Today, I’m learning to walk in the Spirit with a newfound sense of freedom.
— TODD WAGONER, grace attender

Grace Church provided prayer for the community during the noblesville school shooting and the loss of two teachers in fishers this year.


Annie’s Story

Meet Annie! She is here to share her story and let everyone know You Were Made for More.

“I’ve battled depression since middle school. I was having trouble with everything at school and I pushed everyone away. My mental health was slowly declining, and I didn’t know what to do. I felt alone and hopeless. I also felt that I was a burden. Every time I would look in a mirror, I would see a failure, a mistake. I was sinking deeper and the only solution I could think of was to take my own life. I sat in my room crying out to God, begging him to help me, and to show me a sign that I had a reason to stay. Right as I was about to give up, something moved in me. I saw a glimmer of light in the darkness. After that day I became more involved in my faith and started to see that maybe I was worth being here. I still hid the severity of my mental illness until last year. I feared rejection from the people I loved most. When I finally sat my mom down and told her about everything I had been going through for the last three years, she was more supportive than I could ever had imagined. Soon after, I was officially diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder and began taking medication. Through the undying support of my family, friends and church, my mental health started to change for the better. My faith grew stronger, and I finally felt free. When I look back on myself before I came clean about my mental health, I see someone who didn’t understand that ending my life would just pass along the pain to those around me. Mental illness is lonely, and can make you feel like you are not enough. But you are so impactful to so many people around you, even if you don’t feel like it. Yes, I still battle depression. Yes, it does get hard sometimes, but I know I am loved. I am not alone. I have a purpose, and so do you.”