This summer, we joined a multigenerational Rooted group. We were composed of different experiences. Some of us were married, divorced, or single. Some of us were women and some of us were men. Some of us had kids and some of us didn’t. Some of us were completely new to Grace and some had been there for a long time. What did we all have in common? We were going to be in committed and intentional community with each other. We were going to talk about real stuff. We were going to be honest with each other and we were going to do life together.
— jessica manke, grace attender
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I grew up in a cult until age 10. One area in which it has impacted me greatly is my lack of being able to trust people. Especially people at church. But here’s the problem—I like Jesus. Recently, my husband and I decided that we wanted to try joining a Rooted group. So we did, and we love it! When I think about why it is I have come to like them, one resounding answer comes to mind. These people actually tell the truth! They tell the truth about their lives. Their marriages. Their kids. Their relationships. Their real thoughts and feelings about things. There are no fakes or facades. It’s been a huge breath of fresh air for someone who has been trying to surface and catch some oxygen in a church setting for a long time.
— ROSIE WITTLEDER, grace attender

Community with other moms

Meet Amanda! See how she is finding a deeper relationship with God through Women's Ministry and how it's impacting her and her family!

“I love the mom's group, Real Moms, because it gives me an opportunity each week to consciously reset and reorient my focus towards God. It’s so easy to get lost in the weeds of the day to day, but it helps me step back and look at the big picture of what it looks like to have a Christ centered family. It has provided me with a safe space to grow in my walk with God and as a mom, wife, co-worker, friends, etc. It’s truly such a blessing and a weekly reprieve from the business of life. The speakers and programming are so honest and helpful and help spark meaningful conversations that help me grow in my calling. I’m very thankful for this ministry!”