2018 Annual Report


You Were Made for More:

God's mission & your calling.


Hello friends,

Thank you so very much for your generosity to the Kingdom through Grace Church in 2018! Your giving and commitment to the mission that God has called this church to has made a lasting and very tangible difference in healing the broken places of this world. In short, people have found life transformation through a relationship with Jesus, the hungry have been fed (not only through our Care Center, but across Central IN and around the globe), and justice is breaking out all around us!

Last year, you might remember that I sent out the first two chapters of my book. This year, it is going to be published and available in March. I’m looking ahead with hopeful anticipation that this book is a way for people to find their destiny and live it out in healing our broken world.

2019 is already starting to take shape and God certainly isn’t done with us yet. In fact, He’s just getting started. Again, thank you and thank God for the legacy that is being unveiled before our eyes.

With great appreciation,

Dave Rodriguez

Senior Pastor

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A special thank you to Grace's volunteer photography team for the photos in this report & Liz caudle for the iMAGES.